We just released the beta release of ColdFusion 10. This release focuses on three main themes: unrivaled developer productivity, deep enterprise integration and simple work flow with Axis2 and Microsoft Exchange server 2010, and unique built-in support for HTML5 to create dynamic and interactive applications. We’ve also released a beta of ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1.

7 thoughts

  1. I noticed CF10 leverages Tomcat instead of JRun. Has Adobe abandoned JRun? Can CF10 be installed as an instance on existing JRun deployments running instances of older versions of ColdFusion?

  2. I am playing with the CF10 Beta and checked the beta documentation. Still no NTML authentication for cfsharepoint… Is this planned for the RTM?

  3. Very impressed about the new Websockets – nicely done and implemented, with good example code. This really changes ….well, everything.

  4. Looks like the livedocs have not been updated. I really hope they do have support for NTLM authentication with cfhttp requests and cfsharepoint tags. It would be a HUGE disappointed if this is not supported in the finial release! I am keeping my hopes up.

  5. I just asked Adobe about adding NTLM authentication for cfsharepoint and cfhttp tags. Their response… "We can consider this for the next release of ColdFusion". Huge disappointment! =(

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