ColdFusion 10 Beta Released

We just released the beta release of ColdFusion 10. This release focuses on three main themes: unrivaled developer productivity, deep enterprise integration and simple work flow with Axis2 and Microsoft Exchange server 2010, and unique built-in support for HTML5 to create dynamic and interactive applications. We’ve also released a beta of ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1.

7 responses to “ColdFusion 10 Beta Released”

  1. Ryan Favro Avatar
    Ryan Favro

    I noticed CF10 leverages Tomcat instead of JRun. Has Adobe abandoned JRun? Can CF10 be installed as an instance on existing JRun deployments running instances of older versions of ColdFusion?

  2. Steve@making an iphone app Avatar
    Steve@making an iphone app

    I hope they didn’t abandon it but just put it off for a while.

  3. Aegis Avatar

    *sigh* and we just shelled out for CF9 as we couldn’t wait any longer (new server). 🙁

  4. Scott Avatar

    I am playing with the CF10 Beta and checked the beta documentation. Still no NTML authentication for cfsharepoint… Is this planned for the RTM?

  5. Ari Fernelius Avatar
    Ari Fernelius

    Very impressed about the new Websockets – nicely done and implemented, with good example code. This really changes ….well, everything.

  6. Darrell Avatar

    Looks like the livedocs have not been updated. I really hope they do have support for NTLM authentication with cfhttp requests and cfsharepoint tags. It would be a HUGE disappointed if this is not supported in the finial release! I am keeping my hopes up.

  7. Darrell Avatar

    I just asked Adobe about adding NTLM authentication for cfsharepoint and cfhttp tags. Their response… "We can consider this for the next release of ColdFusion". Huge disappointment! =(

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