Whitepaper Explains Adobe's View On Future Of Flex

6 responses to “Whitepaper Explains Adobe's View On Future Of Flex”

  1. Ryan Favro Avatar
    Ryan Favro

    Its a shame Adobe will be removing design view from future Flash Builder releases. It was very convenient for configuring a view’s constraints among other visual toggles and settings.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Put a fork in it… Flex is over… Not being supported in the future runtime is death to flex.

  3. Joel Cox Avatar
    Joel Cox

    And nowhere is ColdFusion mentioned in the server technologies (again) which makes me question Adobe’s commitment to CF.
    I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see another transfer to Apache in the future.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ryan, based on all the of the feedback done by the FB team, Design View was the least used and most disliked and distrusted feature.
    Jeff, you may be jumping the gun a bit, but I guess time will tell.
    Joel, I was wondering how long it would take until someone turned this into a CF thread. While the team hard at work on the next version of ColdFusion will probably disagree with your sentiment, you, of course, are free to question Adobe’s commitment to the product. And as I have said repeatedly, the commitment to any product (by any company) is measured version by version and based on sales and revenue. The way I see it, so long as there is a demand for CF and thus sales, there will be newer versions. If that demand dries up, then there will be little justification for a new version. Simple as that.

  5. Joel Cox Avatar
    Joel Cox

    Fair enough, Ben.

  6. datafunk Avatar

    Jeff, your remark illustrates perfect the difficult balance in offering frameworks and software. When it’s "supported" by a company, it’s not good because it’s *proprietary*. When it’s moving to the open-source, it’s not good because is not "supported". As Ben said, time will tell. Mainwhile try to find a technology that’s even powerfull for making enterprise software interfaces as Flex is for the moment.

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