Play Game Of Flex, Win Flash Builder

A group of my fellow Adobe evangelists have created the Game of Flex for iPad, Android tablets, and (soon) Blackberry PlayBook. The game consists of questions to quiz you on Flex development. If you correctly answer the quiz, you’ll get a chance to win a copy of Flash Builder 4.6 (one license per month). Game of Flex is not only a game, it’s also a fantastic learning tool that showcases all the new features of Flex 4.6.

4 responses to “Play Game Of Flex, Win Flash Builder”

  1. Nick Walters Avatar
    Nick Walters

    I had been very interested in adapting some of my Flex apps for mobile, until seeing this app. I have a Dell Streak Android tablet, and this app is utterly broken on it. The "frames" are badly sized and inflexible, so the content doesn’t fit within them. It’s impossible to get past the second question, "Display HTML Pages", because it fills the screen with overlapping content areas making it impossible to even click the submit button. This thing is a disaster.

  2. MIchael Chaize Avatar
    MIchael Chaize

    @Nick Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, I need to fix the StageWebView component for low resolution screens. I’ll push an update today and hopefully fix the disaster.

  3. MIchaël Chaize Avatar
    MIchaël Chaize

    @Nick so I checked the screen resolution of the Streak and it’s only 800 px by 480 px (I guess you have the 7′ version). Indeed, it’s not considered as a tablet. My HTC phone has exactly the same resolution, so there is not enough space on the screen for

  4. Rick Avatar

    The online form doesnt work with the undocked split keyboard on iPad2. Everytime I clicked a letter the keyboard would go away. Docking and merging the KB seemed to fix it and let me submit

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