Adobe is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. We are transforming from software in boxes to solutions in the cloud, and to a world of touch interfaces on devices, and social connections everywhere. This is a time of both innovation and change for Adobe and for the Adobe community. And this article on ADC explains Adobe’s strategic transformation and the Flash Platform, and summarizes the recent announcements.

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  1. What about AIR for Desktop? Is that being abandoned? There is no mention of it anyway. Doesn’t Adobe look at these announcements from the developer point of view? It would be easy to anticipate these types of questions and provide answers before everyone panics.

  2. What part of
    "Adobe AIR for desktop
    Adobe reconfirmed its commitment for its continued support for Adobe AIR applications running on the desktop. Adobe is actively working on the next version of Adobe AIR for the desktop."
    didn’t you understand?

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