ColdFusion Position In IL

Here’s a ColdFusion position in IL:

  • Luxury travel company (Downers Grove, IL) is looking for an experienced ColdFusion developer. Requirements include SQL, some IIS administration, Ajax and JavaScript. Knowledge of CommonSpot CMS a plus. Details posted online.

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  1. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Matthew, as much as I don’t like blowing my own horn, that exactly what are CF books are intended to do. See And yes, ColdFusion can fully support HTML5, and any client side technology.
    — Ben

  2. Matthew S. Avatar
    Matthew S.

    Hey Ben,
    I am a big fan of Adobe Products (my family’s print business in Seattle Washington uses all Adobe products for pre-flight/design work), and we’re working with a developer in New York to launch a new website with custom ordering systems built in cold fusion and eventually develop a downloadable component like Flex or Air. Since I like to be as hands on as possible at our business, I’d like to learn how to write cold fusion. Can you recommend a place to start for someone who has NO programming experience what so ever. I do know CSS and HTML. Also, I hear more and more about HTML 5 being the wave of the future, can HTML5 work with cold fusion?
    thanks for the help!

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