EU Official Proposes Using ColdFusion To Help Keep Kids Safe

As per this Business Insider Europe story, European Union Member of European Parliament Tiziano Motti has gained support to expand data storage of Google searches to protect children, and is proposing to use LogBox (a ColdFusion based RIAForge project) for logging.
UPDATE: As many have noted, the writer of the Business Insider Europe did really shoddy research. While I like seeing ColdFusion stories in the news, this is just that, a news story, and not a well researched or accurate one. The LogBox in question is not the one linked to in the story and has nothing to do with ColdFusion.

4 responses to “EU Official Proposes Using ColdFusion To Help Keep Kids Safe”

  1. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    The reporter at the Business Insider Europe did not do his research. It’s *not* the ColdFusion-based LogBox project – it’s a physical recording device designed by an Italian hacker:
    "The LogBox system devised by Ghioni encrypts data, placing the decryption key in the hands of the authorities, a notary [lawyer] and the user of the system."

  2. Sami Hoda Avatar
    Sami Hoda

    Sean is right. The logbox being referred to is mentioned here:
    It is not the Logbox on RiaForge. Idiot reporters.

  3. Tom Chiverton Avatar
    Tom Chiverton

    And, of course, the log box would be a massive infringement of privacy, and trivial to bypass (unless Linux and compilers are going to be banned…). Fortunately, Tiziano Motti is an idiot looking for publicity; his fellow MEPs pointed out the many holes in his plan to latch himself to the bogey man of the moment.

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