Sign Up For MAX Online

Adobe MAX 2011 is one week away. If you’ll not make it in person, then be sure to sign up to watch the keynotes live online.

7 responses to “Sign Up For MAX Online”

  1. MichaelP Avatar

    Is there any talk about opening up more room in the sessions? I unfortunately didn’t get registered until last week, and most of the sessions I looked at in the scheduler were waiting list only.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Actually, we’ve added quite a few repeats of sold out sessions. But not sure we’ll be adding any more this late as the schedules and programs are being printed.
    — Ben

  3. spamdam Avatar

    Yeah, don’t worry about signing up for Max. Just like you, I wasted a ton of money because there are nearly NO hands-on sessions still available. I get to go to a bunch of sessions that have NOTHING to do with what I do, because it’s all that there is left, and many only happen once…. They didn’t tell you that when you were giving them your credit card #…. And to cancel will cost my company too much money. Yeah, I "could" have signed up earlier, but when you work for a large company you get the authorization when they are ready to give it to you, not when you want it. Oh well – I guess I’ll just hang out at the unconference.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Well Mr. Anonymous, we’re very public about the fact that hands-on sessions sell out first. And we do indeed add instances and have been doing so. And yes, a week before MAX they may very well be sold out. That’s why we open registration many months before MAX.
    — Ben

  5. spamdam Avatar

    Well Mr Forta, how have these additions been publicized to attendees? Do we have to hang out on the session page hitting refresh and comparing screenshots? If we don’t know about them, then it’s as good as them not being there.

  6. MichaelP Avatar

    Sorry Ben, I didn’t mean to stir things up here. Thank you for your prompt response and I look forward to seeing you next week.

  7. none Avatar

    Plus it’s not just the hands-on that are full – it’s nearly everything. I love the conference, it’s just hard to see a sales push when there is nothing in stock.

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