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I’ve never been a fan of Go Daddy ColdFusion hosting. But, with them announcing that they are exiting the ColdFusion hosting business, quite a few users have e-mailed to ask for alternative hosting recommendations. HostMysite has been hosting my own site for many years, and I’ve been very pleased with the service and up-time on my dedicated servers. Earlier this week they emailed to tell me that in response to the Go Daddy announcement they were offering discounted ColdFusion hosting. So, for free setup and 30% off ColdFusion hosting plans, just click here.

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  1. Kumar Avatar

    Good deal, hopefully they have improved recently because after the sale/change the service had gone down in quality.
    In fact cf-talk has a email thread on people having issues with

  2. Jason McNeill Avatar
    Jason McNeill

    You can get ColdFusion 9 hosting for $9.95/mo. at LFC Hosting.

  3. Willson Avatar

    If you are looking for cheap yet reliable Coldfusion hosting for your personal and medium level traffic sites, highly recommend

  4. Jason Avatar

    I’ve been using a hostmysite/ VPS for years now too, and I’ve been nothing but happy with them too.
    Their stability has been flawless for me, and I love their control panel that lets you adjust your server’s resources without having to go through a ticketing process, or redeploying.

  5. Jeff Roberson Avatar
    Jeff Roberson

    I have had 3-5 dedicated servers at hostmysite / for years now and I have never had an issue. There was a lot of chatter about them canceling their VPS service and switching it to the cloud. I have never done shared hosting, but their dedicated service is top notch. I put in a ticket and they fix them very quickly. I really can’t say enough nice things about them you even get your own dedicated support group.
    Anyway if you can spring for the dedicated server hosting it is great.
    Just me 2 cents.

  6. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    I’ve been with HostMySite/ since the Spring of 2005 (shared, then VPS, now multiple dedicated) and would also highly recommend them.

  7. Best VPS hosting Avatar
    Best VPS hosting

    If you presently have a Windows Standard or Windows Plus shared hosting plan you can request to the ColdFusion 9 add-on to your existing plan by contacting HostmySite Customer Support at 877-215-4678
    If you do not have either the Windows Standard or Windows Plus hosting plans, you will need to order one and select ColdFusion 9 as an add-on option during the order process. Please note in the order comments field if you need your existing site migrated to the new plan or please contact Support at 877-215-4678 for any assistance.

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