Adobe Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. We first debuted Edge at MAX 2010, and we’ve now released Preview 1 on Adobe Labs. The plan is for Edge to be updated regularly so as to add new functionality, stay ahead of evolving web standards, and incorporate user feedback to provide the best functionality and experience possible. For updates from the product team, like Edge on Facebook and follow Edge on Twitter.

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  1. A tool for designers to implement web motion and interaction begins the end of Flex which is entirely focused on developers? Did Flash pro begin the end of Flex, or vice-versa?
    — Ben

  2. I think you’re answering my question in a strange way. It’s indeed so that Flash Pro was the beginning of Flex. Using your logic this means that Adobe Edge will be the beginning of Fledge (just a name I came up with to make my point). Fledge would be an upcoming product that will ‘extend’ Edge just like Flex ‘extends’ Flash but with 1 big difference: Fledge solutions will run on mobile Apple products which isn’t the case for Flex based solutions.

  3. Tom, what I meant was that Flash Pro and Flash Builder / Flex have totally different audiences and use cases, even though the truth is that they accomplish the same thing when all is said and done. As Flash Builder use has grown, it has not been at the expense of Flash Pro. Now if you had said that Edge was the beginning of the end of Flash Pro, I’d have disagreed, but could at least have understood the concern. But Edge and Flash Builder? Nope, different solution to a different problem and targeting a very different use case.
    — Ben

  4. Thanks for the clarification! But if Edge isn’t meant to build rich internet (business type of) applications that also run on Apple mobile stuff then what should we use??? Flex and Silverlight aren’t realistic options.

  5. Edge is definitely more targeted at designers than coders.
    Flex is definitely an option for business apps on iOS, it’s not an in browser option, but it works great for apps.
    — Ben

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