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  1. But only having console access isn’t the same thing as requiring an unattended install. In the former case, you just run the normal installer and it works from the console if no GUI is available.

  2. Is there a way to do this on the Enterprise version? Meaning, assign a website to a JRun instance without restarting the web server.

  3. I’ve spent about a day trying to figure out how to do FULL unattended installation with aim to re-install all our development environments with a script.
    Unfortunately this is only a partial solution – you still need to access ColdFusion administrator to finalise configuration with a browser and manual work. I could potentially create script that behaves like a browser but I think that would take too much time.

  4. After one more day of tinkering I think I’ve managed to get this working as I wanted to.
    Here’s what I did:
    1. Install without admin password using silent mode installation
    2. modify neo-security.xml to disable password checking completely (with sed)
    3. start CF and install Apache JRun connector (need to give time for these to complete, I gave 45 and 15 seconds)
    4. request and wait 10 seconds
    5. request and wait 5 seconds
    6. request and installation is done
    Hope this helps others trying to do the same!

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