Amazon Cloud Uploader Powered By AIR

Amazon has announced Cloud Drive, essentially a hard drive in the cloud, and 5 GB of free storage to get you started. Aside from file storage, Cloud Drive is specifically intended for storing your digital music collection which can then be played back using Amazon Cloud Player (for web and Android).
Of course, unless you are buying new music from Amazon (which will get deposited right into your cloud drive), this requires that you upload your entire music collection, and so Amazon created the Amazon MP3 Uploader. And the MP3 Uploader (which also uploads AAC files)? It’s a web based Adobe AIR app built using jQuery.

5 responses to “Amazon Cloud Uploader Powered By AIR”

  1. Chris Tierney Avatar
    Chris Tierney

    I saw this earlier today as well. Pretty slick – win for Adobe! I just wish my past MP3 purchases, that are still available in the MP3 history, would have automatically gone into there. I had to upload them all.

  2. Ryan Stewart Avatar
    Ryan Stewart

    @Chris, totally agree. That was the one thing that annoyed me. I can see all of my MP3 purchases in some "my collection" section but none of that showed up in my cloud player.
    The main reason it’s annoying is that I all of those count ag

  3. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    It’s failing for me in Chrome. Amazon tells me I need a newer Flash, but when I go to Adobe I’m told Chrome handles my Flash. Will have to try in Firefox I guess.

  4. Phillip Senn Avatar
    Phillip Senn

    I just bought "SQL Injection" by Bug Fixed and also gifted it to a friend.

  5. John Nelson Avatar
    John Nelson

    Sadly only available to US customers.

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