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  1. Over *2 grand* a year, and I don’t even get the source for it ?!? I don’t think anyone needs a better DG that much…

  2. Tom, that is the price for the 5 developer unlimited domain license. The Single Developer is much cheaper. We also have more affordable licensing for specific scenarios. Also, the cost is not yearly. It’s a one time payment which includes the base license fee plus one year of support and upgrades. Renewal is optional, and quite affordable.

  3. I’d add that you can do a LOT of customization without having access to the source code as a lot of the filters and popups can be customized via MXML files. Also in a few cases where I’ve not been able to accomplish what I needed that way the developers have provided an updated version that gives me access to a setting that will take care of the problem. If you really need the functionality that this component provides, the cost is definitely worth the time you’d spend building it yourself.

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