Trying To Get To Flash Israel, And Thanks For Nothing DOT

I’m go-presenting the Flash Israel 2011 opening keynote with Lee Brimelow tomorrow. Or rather, I’m trying to. Weather last night close to shut down DTW, so I never made my connection in JFK. I am now in Amsterdam, and have an 8 hour wait until the flight to TLV. I’ll arrive in the wee hours Tuesday morning, not long before we have to present. Still, I’m really glad to be visiting Israel again, even briefly.
Somewhat related, back in April 2010 I stated that the new DOT 3 Hour Tarmac Delay Rule was a bad idea. I predicted that it would make airlines overly risk averse, pushing them to return to the gate too early, because canceling flights would be cheaper than risking huge fines. And the pilot on my DTW to JFK flight last night confirmed my fears when he announced that he’d like to wait in the queue longer, that he thought we probably could get out, but that the airline is insisting we deplane because we had just broken the 2 hour mark. Nice, thank you government, you have once again proven how utterly useless you are, and how the Law of Unintended Consequences is alive and well.
Ok, now what to do for 8 hours in Amsterdam?

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