Adobe TV Launches Community Translation Project

Almost all Adobe TV content is in English, but many Adobe TV viewers are not native English speakers. Which is why Adobe TV has launched a Community Translation project. There have already been 154 translations completed, in 25 different languages. Are you fluent in English and at least one other language? Then take part, and your translation will be available as a closed-captioning track on the video, and will also appears as a searchable, interactive transcript alongside the video.

4 responses to “Adobe TV Launches Community Translation Project”

  1. Lola LB Avatar
    Lola LB

    How do I find content that are subtitled, IN ENGLISH? This would be useful for those of us who are deaf and can read English. I’m seeing quite a few videos that would be very beneficial to furthering my technical knowledge but none seem to be closed captioned in English.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Lola, good point, and I don’t know the answer, but will check with the Adobe TV team.
    — Ben

  3. Jaana Gilbert Avatar
    Jaana Gilbert

    Thanks for the heads up. I signed up and was approved to start providing translations from English to Finnish. We’ll see how the first one goes. Plan is to do one next week.

  4. Bob Donlon Avatar
    Bob Donlon

    @Lola – There are 2 good places to look for subtitled content on Adobe TV.
    The first is in the "How To" channel –
    These are the primary video tutorials that ship with the Adobe Creative Suite pro

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