Toshiba Takes A Shot At iOS

Toshiba has a new Android based tablet on the way, and has launched a site to promote it. And as reported by All Things Digital, on the new site Toshiba proudly declares that their device runs Flash, but visit with an iOS powered device and you’ll see this image. Nice going, Toshiba!

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  1. Gary F Avatar
    Gary F

    [chuckle!] I visited that site via my Android 2.1 phone and it showed a message telling me to visit using my desktop computer! I did not chuckle at that message.

  2. dave Avatar

    Ben, get over it. Adobe should build great html tools.. screw flash.

  3. Martin W. Avatar
    Martin W.

    I really don’t understand the argument on either side. Flash is closed and really doesn’t add anything to the web experience that other, open, standard, technologies can. Flash games? really. Flash content? Annoying and slow to load. Flash apps deployed in Air to the browser? Different story but no room on a mobile device… the UI doesnt make sense. To think any of these companies love flash is ridiculous… we all know the only reason they "love" flash is to give them some angle for marketing against Apple.
    On the other hand, I dont see the harm in Apple allowing installation of a flash plug in if people want it. But, this back and forth really makes us (Adobe fans) look bad as it is clear Adobe is grasping to a rather dated technology.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Dave (1st), not sure what I should get over, we do create great HTML tools and have more on the way. If you have an intelligent comment to make, please do so. And by intelligent I mean something other than the very eloquently articulated ‘screw flash’. Sorry, I don’t know if you had any credibility before, but you sure don’t now.
    Nick, I agree. This is Toshiba’s doing, and yes, it is nice to see attitude and taking a stand, regardless of motivation.
    Martin, actually, for the record, the Flash SWF spec is open, it’s the Flash Player itself that we don’t release source code for. And your comment is inconsistent, first you say that Flash can’t do anything that other technologies can do, and then you back that up by listing some Flash uses and your reasons for personally not liking them, reasons that have nothing to do with your statement about what other technologies can do (a technically incorrect statement, by the way). But, yes, I do agree with your conclusion (well, the first half of it). I have a problem with paying for a device and then having the device vendor tell me how I can use it. To me that makes about as much sense as buying a car and being told what roads the manufacturer will allow me to drive on. As for grasping to dated technologies, if you mean Flash then keep in mind that is has evolved significance further and faster than what you are comparing it too. Considering that e just released an update, and are working on another, I don’t’ see how Flash could possibly be called dated.
    Bottom line all, Toshiba has taken a stand, for reasons that best suit them. And I complimented them on doing so. It’s that simple.

  5. A different Dave Avatar
    A different Dave

    Adobe already builds great html tools. They’re also smart enough to know html can’t do everything.

  6. NIck Sophinos Avatar
    NIck Sophinos

    It’s nice to see a company exhibit an actual (not so obviously committee filtered) personality, throwing Apple’s attitude right back at them.

  7. TheTruth Avatar

    I see Adobe PR has turned into arguing that Flash is a valid tool and if you don’t agree you have no ‘credibility.’ I am glad to see others in the Adobe community that understand the truth about Flash and can admit when they see no need to have it on their device. What Dave and Martin have said are valid.
    1) ‘Get over it’…what is meant by this statement is Adobe should stop trying to ram it down our throats that we need Flash. Instead they should either make a Flash that we can’t live without or some other web technology we can’t live without.
    2) ‘Flash games’ and ‘annoying and slow to load’ – There seems to be 2 things that Flash has excelled at. One – Games, for the extremely casual user these games have proven fun and exciting. But for those of us who prefer more out of our games Flash cannot, and probably never will, deliver what we want. If it could, there wouldn’t be technologies like
    Two – Annoying and slow – We all have experienced this before. Wether it is the fault of Adobe or the programmer depends on the ad/app. But to deny it exists is wrong.
    Stop whining about Apple. Apple makes devices, they are not required to give us ALL or even any of the web. The create what THEY believe to be the best product available. If you don’t agree you do not have to buy their products, simple as that. MANY people, including myself, believe they do make the best product/experience and do not believe Flash needs to be a part of that experience. Many others believe opposite and buy Android devices.
    As Martin stated though, both Toshiba and Googles stance is nothing more than a smoke screen. To look like the good guys. I laughed when the Google app store opened. That store does more to advance HTML 5 than Apple ever could. Google/Toshiba will dump Flash when the timing is right.

  8. Jeff Jones Avatar
    Jeff Jones

    Personally, I do not have a problem with Flash from conceptual idea. There are some cool things that can be done with Flash. Not going to deny that. Although jQuery and HTML5 is lessening the gap.
    The problem comes when developers decide to incorporate Flash to enhance their web site or "make it pretty" and do it in an overkill fashion.
    The biggest issue with Flash on sites that over utilize it is that unless you have the latest hardware with massive graphics processing capabilities, you can run in to problems.
    My dual core 64-bit laptop overheats if I am on certain Flash intense sites for too long.
    But, as far as the shot at iOS. I am all for that. iPhones deserve their own special corner of hell fo corrupting "sheeple".

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