Over Half Of All Android Devices Can Now Run Flash And AIR

Developers building mobile content need insight into devices and OS versions being used. publishes charts showing the OS used by devices connecting to the Android Marketplace, both current (last 14 days) and historical data. It’s great to see that over 1/2 of the devices connecting to the Android Marketplace are running Android 2.2 and 2.3, which means that most devices can run Flash and AIR apps.
Now, if only AT&T would update their devices …

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  1. Jamie Jackson Avatar
    Jamie Jackson

    Hi Ben,
    You’re assuming that all devices running 2.2 or better can run Flash. This is not true. For instance, the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (and presumably, other devices with Flash-incompatible processors) cannot, and will never run Flash.
    I don’t know what percentage of Android devices have Flash-incompatible processors, but at this point, I’d bet it’s not an insignificant figure.

  2. MK Avatar

    @Jamie, you are correct! i was an early adopters and got myself a galaxy i7500 (great hardware at the time, 5Mpx camera,OLED in 2009) but samsung stopped support at android 1.6 (also got multitouch capable hardware but no multitouch implemented driver…)

  3. David Avatar

    Will we see Flash and Air on the Windows Phone?
    According to Microsoft at the local launch event for developers, the ball was in Adobe’s court.

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