New Neptune ColdFusion Framework

Steve Bryant has announced the beta of a new ColdFusion framework named Neptune. Documentation with examples are online.
So, what is Neptune? As per Steve:

Neptune is the easiest framework for most web development. If you have a large (non-framework) code base that you are thinking about migrating to a framework then Neptune is absolutely the easiest framework to migrate to. It isn’t hub and spoke (where all calls go through index.cfm), so you just need to copy some files into your site and add a couple of lines of code and you are using the framework. You can take advantage of framework features as you need to – no need to change any code until you want to take advantage of the framework.
Neptune is the easiest framework to learn and use. You don’t have to learn about “Object-Oriented programming” (though you can use OO with the framework) or “Inversion of Control” (which it does for you) or “Implicit Invocation”, but it does automate most of the mundane tasks of programming. In fact, the framework itself handles much of what a code generator would normally handle – without needing to generate actual code.
Since Neptune uses services instead of objects, you can use familiar (and easy) recordsets instead of more complicated objects and object collections. But with the power and simplicity of DataMgr, you will have a data access layer solution that is better than ColdFusion ORM.
Rather than being about some theory about the framework itself (like “small framework” or “implicit invocation”), Neptune is geared towards making development life as easy as possible and making your code as concise and readable as possible. The development of Neptune has taken a very evolutionary approach. I have simply attacked the most tedious aspect of my development life again and again.

I’ve yet to try this one myself. If you have, please share your thoughts.

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  1. Mark Avatar

    Steve’s Neptune looks to be the best framework I have ever seen, I’m really liking it so far!

  2. Kai Tischler Avatar
    Kai Tischler

    Hello to all Readers of the Blog !
    Though I am surely suffering from (Web) (3D) App Dev Research Overkill, I nevertheless discovered the new ColdFusion Framework "Neptune" just recently … I am/was a longtime onTap Framework Fellow … Therefore I know that Ike’s (Isaac Dealey’s) onTap framework has leveraged a lot of ICU4J goodness; to offer comprehensive and versatile g11n/i18n/l10n and region features …
    So the question is: Who is Mark ? And how can he make such a bold statement in favour of Neptune ?
    Cheers and Tschüss

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