20+ ColdFusion Developers Needed

I usually aggregate ColdFusion job announcements into a single weekend post, but this post by Matt Woodward merits immediate linking to. Recruiter Brandon Fujii is looking for 20+ ColdFusion developers for positions in Irvine, CA, Culver City, CA, or Plano, TX.

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  1. A CF fan Avatar
    A CF fan

    Hi Ben,
    I think CF is hot now everywhere, because in India we (Indian CF’ers) are getting lots of jobcalls in everyweek from big MNC’s to even small sized firms. This happened after the recession time, a huge demand for our platform. I think CF9 hit hard among other web-scripting technologies…
    But I had a concern also, in Inida its very difficult to get a book on CF8 or CF9…All shops are having only old ones like CF5 etc. Its a good time to get some new versions for sale in India, which will inturn popularise CF also…

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