Buy ColdFusion 9, Get Free Copies Of ColdFusion Builder

Nice! For a limited time, Adobe is offering three complimentary copies of ColdFusion Builder (which includes Flash Builder 4 Standard) with every purchase of ColdFusion 9 Enterprise. To take advantage of this offer, please contact your Adobe approved reseller or Adobe directly at and place an order no later than January 1, 2011.

8 responses to “Buy ColdFusion 9, Get Free Copies Of ColdFusion Builder”

  1. Shirak Avatar

    We already bought couple months ago CF9 Ent. Servers. Is it possible to get the advantage of this promo now, or it has to be new purchase?

  2. Alison H Avatar
    Alison H

    Unfortunately, it is for new purchases only.

  3. jeff Avatar

    After reading that there is a very real possibility adobe will merge with microsoft I am putting most of my eggs in the php and python basket. Thank goodness I branched out a few years ago. It’s a sad day, I really love cf and have been an evangelist since the alaire days. Microsoft will kill off cf in favor of, Flash, who knows what will happen to it, probably be rolled into silverlight. Yesterday a free copy of CF builder would have been a good deal, today with the M$ acquisition looming, not so much. Hope it doesn’t happen but with it even being discussed it gives me doubts about the wisdom of continuing down the cf path. Love cf, don’t get me wrong. I’m sad that it looks like I should focus on a different path.

  4. Marcel Avatar

    Jeff, firstly it is only speculation, secondly, Railo is open source and awesome you should check it out, it now has full cfscript support in nightlies I believe.
    Or there’s Open Blue Dragon which has CFJS allowing you to use server side javascript with access to CF scopes!!
    There’s no need at all to panic or to move off ColdFusion, its future still looks bright even if only relegated to the open source model. Besides it is much nicer to code in than php.

  5. Jeff Avatar

    I think this is a little beyond speculation. I’m well aware of Railo and Blue Dragon. The problem is where are you going to put most of you eggs? There is no panic on my end, I’m just trying to be realistic and proactive. I’ve been a huge supporter of CF and have sold many many clients and employers on CF. You and I both know that if Microsoft absorbs Adobe, Flash, CF, and Flex will be history. Even if they continue to exist they will be degraded or eliminated for platforms other than windows. The networked ecosystem will continue to become more diverse, therefore investing your resources in a technology that highly favors one platform over the other is a bad move. I’m a little skeptical that the open source CF community will be able to thrive. I sure hope I’m wrong on this but at the same time I am making sure I have my life boat, I’m not going down with the Adobe ship. Even if it ends here it does make me pause and consider my options.
    The other problem (if this does come to pass) is Photoshop and Illustrator. Microsofts track record for products for creatives has been far from stellar. It doesn’t matter if you are a Windows or Mac user, it’s not good news for those products either. There do not seem to be many alternatives. I’m sure they will surface to fill the void, but presently I am not aware of any. That frankly is my biggest concern. I can do just fine using php, don’t like it quite as much as CF but that’s life.

  6. Satch Reed Avatar
    Satch Reed

    It would certainly go a long way to convincing us that CF is going to be around if you’d update your links pages. All over the net most sites show info about cold fusion, usually dated 2004-2007. There’s maybe one or two sites with meaningful content that’s current. Go to Adobe’s CF resources pages and, like your links page, it’s full of outdated sites and many many old links to CF sites that are no longer online. I learned CF mostly to develop my own sites, and hate to think that somewhere along the line i’ll have to learn a new language and re-work all my sites. Not only would it be a royal pain, but i would lose all my site traffic because the pages would no longer have the .cfm extension. Also, it used to be that people were putting lots of tags on sites that you could down load. 99% of all cf tags you can find on the net are dated 4 or 5 years ago. Nothing new seems to be happening. So convince us…add some new links to CF sites that show new information. It’d help alot.

  7. Bill Avatar

    @Satch – That’s because no one uses cf tags anymore 🙂

  8. Mikey Avatar

    Wow! I’m an old geezer at this point, but really? Any good programmer should not only know multiple languages, but should be able to pick up a new language almost at the drop of a hat! I have NEVER heard programmers sitting around talking about how they might "go down with the ship" because FORTRAN and COBOL are going away. Or wringing their hands because C is giving way to object oriented C++.
    I’m not a web developer, and frankly I am no longer a serious programmer (moved to the systems side of things years ago) but I can still sit down with nothing but notepad and start updating php, cold fusion, java, or any other programming language. Every good programmer I know can do the same. Concepts are all the same, just the syntax changes.
    So come on folks — really? Let’s get some professionalism and skill back in our industry.
    And hey, give this a try as a great skill builder. instead of re-writing your site, write a program to translate your Cold Fusion code into PHP (or whatever language de jour you want to use). You will be amazed what you learn about programming structure in an exercize like this.

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