eWeek: 8 Reasons Why ColdFusion Is Still Relevant

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  1. Craig Avatar

    I’d probably consider the information more credible if they spelled ‘ColdFusion’ correctly 😉

  2. Greg Nilsen Avatar
    Greg Nilsen

    Hmmm…I can’t even think of 3 reasons why eWeek is still relevant…

  3. Marcus Avatar

    Seriously? That’s the best argument they could come up with for why CF is still relevant – they managed to find 8 websites that use it?! That’s just embarrassing.

  4. Matt Gersting Avatar
    Matt Gersting


  5. Ciaran Archer Avatar
    Ciaran Archer

    Terrible article. I’m not sure what they are even trying to convey. As a technology CF is excellent but the problem is really how it is marketed to new/existing developers. Showing a few websites like this under a banner with the word ‘not relevant’ in it is NOT the way to promote this technology. Embarrassing is right.

  6. Java Avatar

    Hi its me… Java.
    I am just wondering why you are still a Confusion developer? Surely it is time to put away the toys, and put an end to other real programmers sniggering at you.
    When you are ready I am here, and I will be here awhile… a long while. Free… with a large "real" community. Until then enjoy your pablum.

  7. ColdFusion Avatar

    Ok "Java", who are you really? My name is ColdFusion, and I know Java really well, he and I are exceptionally close, we’re even relatives. And so I know that you are not Java, you’re an *impostor*!
    See, the truth is, I am actually built on top of Java. That’s right, Java powers me! And when ColdFusion developers, hundreds of thousands of them, use me, well, they are using Java, too. I run inside of Java servers and use Java’s VM. I compile down to Java bytecode. And I even allow my developers to use any Java APIs, specs, classes, libraries, tags, and more.
    In fact, many Java developers use me too. Why? Well, because Java on the server is all about power and performance and scalability and multi-vendor support and extensibility, all good things. But, there is one thing that Java on the server is not, and that’s productive. Which is where I come in, I add the productivity layer on top of Java, when you introduce me into the mix you get all of that power and performance and scalability and more, and you also got unsurpassed productivity.
    Which is why ColdFusion developers and Java developers work so closely together, and it’s why the top tier ColdFusion deployments are actually Java deployments with ColdFusion sitting right there in the stack. Pretty cool, huh?
    So, Mr. Java impostor, let’s cue the Scooby Doo reveal moment, take off your mask, and show us who you really are. Because your ignorant comment has demonstrated that you are most definitely not the Java that ColdFusion developers hold in such high esteem.

  8. Outsource ColdFusion Developer Avatar
    Outsource ColdFusion Developer

    ColdFusion & java are most excellent technology. But that thing depend on developer what they choose. Developer can make technique better

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