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As per Wikipedia, WebSocket is a technology providing for bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels, over a single Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket, designed to be implemented in web browsers and web servers but can be utilized by any client or server application.
Nathan Mische has announced a new version of his ColdFusion WebSocket Gateway, which, as its name suggests, allows for WebSocket messaging between ColdFusion and conforming clients.

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  1. tclaremont Avatar

    I am trying to implement this tag with a badge reader that hangs on the network. CF administrator says all is well, but no incoming or outgoing transactions are logged. The reader works via telnet. Is there an example I can look at that would help me out?

  2. James Moberg Avatar
    James Moberg

    I don’t think the WebSocket Gateway works this way… you can push information from the WebSocket Gateway to multiple listeners, but you can’t use it to listen to a TELNET session.
    I had the same question recently for a similar project. I’m considering using some sort of TELNET logger and then using a ColdFusion Directory Watcher service, but have been having problems with the TELNET connection dropping during period of inactivity. (I’m considering using a PowerShell script and having it reconnect during periods of inactivity to avoid being dropped.) I’ve posted a question in the BACFUG mail list and didn’t get any response. I’m also interested in finding anything that can stay connected, listen via TELNET and log directly to either a database or logfile.

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