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  1. When Samsung announced this device, people were pretty excited, but with the retail price being up near a $1000 and actually more expensive than a iPad, they are going to have a hard fight on their hands making it a success.
    I do think they missed an opportunity here. They should have released a wi-fi only version. I have a phone I can tether my tablet to.
    So I’m likely to get one of the other tablets out there that are significantly cheaper.

  2. They did indeed commit to a Wi-Fi version. And as for pricing, I don’t think any final pricing was announced, and I’d expect a wide range of pricing options.
    — Ben

  3. I agree with Adam. I was excited about the device too, but there’s no way I’ll pay $1k for it. I’ve been burned twice now by expensive mobile devices that plain sucked, and you can get a pretty powerful laptop for $1k.

  4. Wow you are so lucky I want one 🙂
    I’m so happy that finally there will be a real portable device that actually tries to be more true to a mobile web browser.
    Samsung products are just slick and cool and hopfully will be more stable from the last time I played around with one 😉
    Great post thanks for the video its making me want it even more To your point what is the point of a mobile computer that can’t surf the full web 😛

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