InfoWorld White Paper: Why Companies Keep Choosing Adobe ColdFusion

As per InfoWorld: Now more than ever, companies need to maximize their information technology (IT) investment in order to rapidly integrate with other applications and services, deliver new functionality, and offer innovative solutions such as rich Internet applications (RIAs)–all while continually reducing costs. It is for these reasons that more than 100,000 organizations like the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), Under Armour, AT&T, the Federal Reserve Bank, and even the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) keep turning to Adobe ColdFusion.
With this introduction, InfoWorld has published a white-paper (by ColdFusion expert and long time community member Robi Sen) entitled Why companies keep choosing Adobe ColdFusion and the Adobe Flash Platform.

5 responses to “InfoWorld White Paper: Why Companies Keep Choosing Adobe ColdFusion”

  1. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    I get the reasons why people choose Flash as does the rest of the world, when Adobe’s shares rose 15% on the Apple clause change recently.
    As to ColdFusion. No matter how damn good the technology is, as a contractor who has been in the CF game for 10 years now, wow you guys suck at getting market penetration. Current UK market, has 26 CF jobs, or 235 Flash jobs.
    Talking to recruiters, clients try and get CF developers, fail, and have to switch technologies. I am going to kill my CF career and have moved into Flex/Flash. I have no choice, your market penetration for CF really really really sucks in Europe.

  2. Markisen Avatar

    I completely agree!

  3. Tom Jackson Avatar
    Tom Jackson

    Sponsor: Adobe.
    This is not independent research, but is a paid advertisement by Adobe. No need to read further.

  4. Paulo Rios Avatar
    Paulo Rios

    Adobe needs to do something about ColdFusion seriously and sooner than later.
    It has a great product with fantastic technology and its latest version is a step forward.
    But ColdFusion seems to be increasingly losing market for a lack of proper support and marketing by Adobe.
    Its focus on Flex/Flash is certainly too narrow-minded and will hurt in the future. Adobe needs a new vision and a better market perspective.

  5. Ray L Avatar
    Ray L

    I’d say the ONLY problem with ColdFusion is Adobe’s lack of marketing the product. CF should be killing the small to medium sized app market. Adobe, before you drop the product because you’re so bad at marketing it, please release a free version first, with a for-fee enterprise version. Do that for 1 year, with decent marketing.

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