New Droid Ad In WSJ And More

Now this is a fun sight to wake up to. This ad is on page A9 of my Wall Street Journal. It’s also running in other newspapers (including USA Today and New York Times).

If you can’t read the text, here’s what it says:
Introducing the new Droid 2 by Motorola.
Flash sites require Flash capabilities. Seemed pretty simple to us. That’s why we created DROID 2. With Adobe Flash Player it gives you unrestrained access to Flash sites, videos and games. No more empty windows or half-loaded pages. And as a 3G Mobile HotSpot, it can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices and conquer the World Wide Web. It’s compromise-free web browsing. The way it should be.

3 responses to “New Droid Ad In WSJ And More”

  1. Andrew Morton Avatar
    Andrew Morton

    One just need to make sure that also the video or the Flash content on the web site (s) visiting is "mobile optimized" for Flash so it doesn’t choke.

  2. Charles M. Avatar
    Charles M.

    I know Adobe is big on this "the entire web" theme but it worries me. Since current Flash content was developed for large screens, it will not be very usable or legible on phones. Sure, the content will be displayed on screen, but in a lot of cases it will irritate users who will only view portions of the interface at a time once they have zoomed in.
    I think this is great news for future Flash mobile content. But for the current content, it won’t be a great advantage over the iDevices. I think Apple realized that.

  3. anon Avatar

    Yes, because all sites in html and javascript are "mobile optimized" by default. You going to be brave and view the arcadefire video or the popcorn sites on a phone? Those sites slaughter my desktop machine like flash could only dream of.

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