I received this e-mail from a Norwegian reader of our recently released Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 1: Getting Started:

Dear Mr. Forta,
I just finished the first seven chapters of the Adobe ColdFusion 9 Volume 1 and I am absolutely thrilled. After trying to learn PHP, ASP.NET and ASP (years ago) I have finally found the language for me. It just makes sense. But not only is ColdFusion something that gives me hope in creating my own dynamic website, your book and way of teaching is exceptional and understandable. Was never satisfied with the other books I found, so to finally find one which is so enjoyable is a great gift.
Needless to say I will finish Volume 1 and get Volume 2 and 3! Thank you for giving me hope in my own personal project!
Roar Lochar Ramberg

Thanks, Roar. We’re glad you are enjoying ColdFusion, welcome aboard!
And thank Ray Camden and all of the contributing authors for once again turning out an incredible series.

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  1. Once you master ColdFusion look in to flex, to create rich client experience power by CF. I will guarantee you will be more thrilled and become adobecoholic.
    I would recommend ColdFusion Anthology as another outstanding source for some advance topics.

  2. Great job again on CFWACK Volume 1. I have read each CFWACK starting with CF6 and always find it to be a good review for me. Totally stoked to have been able to purchase the Kindle version since they are rather thick books. Of course I still bought the hard copy for the office shelf.

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