Attending BR Conference 2010 In Brazil

BR Conference 2010 is a ColdFusion and RIA conference being held August 19th – 21st in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s been a few years since I was last down in Brazil, so I am really excited to be attending this event. Fellow Adobe Platform Evangelist Terry Ryan will also be there, as will lots of other well known names in the ColdFusion, Flash, and Flex universe. Plus, I am long overdue a real caipirinha.

3 responses to “Attending BR Conference 2010 In Brazil”

  1. Francisco Paulino - Tofinha Avatar
    Francisco Paulino – Tofinha

    We are looking forward to this event! =D

  2. Pedro Claudio Avatar
    Pedro Claudio

    I see you, or you two.

  3. Vinicius Dhomcarvalho Avatar
    Vinicius Dhomcarvalho

    It is too bad that this event will be on Rio de Janeiro.
    But its a great event anyway…

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