ADC: Integrating ColdFusion Applications With Microsoft SharePoint Using ColdFusion 9

I first mentioned ColdFusion SharePoint integration almost a year ago. Since then, not much has been written on this subject, so I was really glad to see that ADC has published David Wilson Brown’s Integrating ColdFusion applications with Microsoft SharePoint using ColdFusion 9.

4 responses to “ADC: Integrating ColdFusion Applications With Microsoft SharePoint Using ColdFusion 9”

  1. Sam Juvonen Avatar
    Sam Juvonen

    Glad to see this, Ben. If only CFSharePoint would work with more advanced security than Basic Authentication …. we use integrated authentication so do not know anyone’s password. We would really like to use this tag with SSO.

  2. Sam Juvonen Avatar
    Sam Juvonen

    I see I might have sent my previous comment too soon … David says it will pass AD credentials … but in the clear (in my present experience I thought the password had to be collected and sent by our code). I wonder if Adobe will improve this in a future release.

  3. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    Hi Ben,
    I think support for more than Basic Authentication, in cfsharepoint, would be helpful to many people. I know of one hosting company,, that doesn’t support Basic Authentication in their shared SharePoint hosting. I have a feeling this is a popular decision by hosting companies.
    -Aaron Neff

  4. Joe Glick Avatar
    Joe Glick

    I also feel that support for at least NTLM authentication is pretty crucial for ColdFusion/SharePoint integration and am wondering why adobe left it out and if there is any thoughts about including it in later releases or updates?

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