Student Discount For MAX 2010

Are you a full-time college student aged 18 or higher? If so, you can attend Adobe MAX 2010 for just $199. You’ll need to e-mail to provide proof that you are indeed a student, and we’ll send you back a discount code. It’s that simple. I hope to see you at MAX in Los Angeles!

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  1. Faculty Member Avatar
    Faculty Member

    Hopefully this will be extended to faculty members at educational institutions. It would be unfortunate if it was not since someone has to teach all of these great Adobe products to those full time students and the budgets at the universities these days (mine specifically) is getting cut more and more that I can’t afford to go otherwise.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Faculty members attend MAX for $995. Additional discounts are available for Adobe Education Leaders.
    — Ben

  3. Faculty Member Avatar
    Faculty Member

    Thanks Ben. Unfortunately $995 is still too cost prohibitive with all of the cutbacks 🙁 and it appears the Adobe Education Leaders group is not accepting applications. Maybe next year.

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