Mysterious Android Tablet Runs Flash

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  1. dave Avatar

    yes you can see it here
    "What’s far more interesting, and far more hilarious, is that although Zedomax claims Flash works "flawlessly" on these tablets, there’s certainly evidence to the contrary. In the video above, the Android tablet reviewer is showing off the Flash functionality. Just as he says, "Good thing I didn’t buy an iPad, because this one does Flash," the browser crashes. "Whoops," the reviewer says, gamely trying to carry on with his review in spite of the crash. [Never mind that he’s demoing Flash by playing a YouTube video, which of course the iPad does just as well. –Ed.]"

  2. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    This is the correct URL:
    Please note the following:
    "*Update: Just wanted to clarify, flash didn’t crash here, I just accidentally hit the “home” button while I was really trying to hit the “back” button. Android users know that you get an error message if an app crashes, I know because I have a Nexus One. There’s hidden home,back, and power buttons (on the side of the prototype) u do not see in the videos/photos, sorry if that confused any readers."

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