Kevin Lynch: We're Moving Forward

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch reaffirms that we have already decided to shift our focus away from Apple devices for both Flash Player and AIR, and notes that we are working to bring Flash Player and AIR to all the other major participants in the
mobile ecosystem, including Google, RIM, Palm (soon to be HP), Microsoft, Nokia and others.

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  1. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    Kevin is showing leadership and innovation. Apple has built a reputation for innovation also. Time will tell if the company who once trumpted how friendly they were with the world outside Apple can survive shutting others who only try to extend their success. This is a great loss to Apple. The bigness of Adobe though is shinning bright. Perhaps we should refer to this declaration as "Fresh AIR"! 🙂

  2. dave Avatar

    Adobe’s focus should be getting flash to work right and out of the stone age, I mean really flash hasn’t come that far in recent years and it is a bloated, crippling pig. So far Adobes first few tries at making a mobile flash plugin have been horrid disasters so can you actually blame Apple for not wanting it on their platform? After all when flash is crashing everything the average user would be blaming Apple and not adobe(or flash developers) or when there is no battery life the same thing.
    Adobe needs to make a decent product and then see what happens but all this crying because Apple doesn’t want your ill performing product is ridiculous. Adobe needs to say "listen we have a product that needs to get fixed across the board, it needs to work on windows, osx & linux the same, we need to close up the security holes, we need to improve performance, we need to stabilize the code so it doesn’t crash all the time & we need it to scale according to platform(pc, laptop, mobile, netbook, etc) and we need to build in some kind of user controls where they can choose to block annoying ads or auto-mute or stop flash video from blasting the speakers."
    If I was running Adobe I would wisen up and not fight this battle.. this might be your payback for the crap adobe pulled with the intel mac versions and if so paybacks are a bitch. I read somewhere that flash was 50% of Adobe’s revenue so say something interesting happened like m$ steps in and partners with Apple to bring silverlight to the iphone and heavens forbid comes up with a decent product that’s better than flash(which shouldn’t be hard).. then what Adobe? Kiss the flash platform ga bye…
    Now "if" flash was a decent stable app and this happened then I would have an issue but it isn’t & everyone knows it but I bet if Adobe grew up and manned up to their issues instead of all this panzing around and fixed them that Apple would take another look and that might just be what saves flash, otherwise see ya flash, I won’t miss you & neither will 95% of everyday users.

  3. David Avatar

    At first I thought it was a joke post of some sort – I mean, the idea of Apple, complaining about being "open" and, believe it or not, battery life on the iPhone! It’s a little late to be worrying about the battery life on the iPhone – it sucks, is the concern that it will just suck more?
    The rest of it looks like it was written two years ago and pulled out of the "drafts" folder.
    I’m a consumer of technology, and really, at this stage, I just want it to work. I’d really appreciate it if Jobs could put the ego away, roll up the sleeves and see that there’s a solution. We put men on the moon 40 years ago, you’re telling me we can’t get Flash on Apple devices? Seriously? Lame.

  4. jeffgtr Avatar

    This spat is rather troubling. I just read an article that even Microsoft is sort of siding with Apple that HTML5 is the future. I’ve invested quite a bit of time learning Flash and use CF extensively, however if Adobe is dropping support for Apple products then it looks like it’s time to decide if I move in the direction of php and stick with technologies that are cross platform. Perhaps Kevin is just referring to mobile technology, that isn’t clear. I wish Apple and Adobe could sort this out, but it is what it is, you just have to accept the outcome and adapt.

  5. Me Avatar

    As a Flash developer who has also spent years learning this technology and building code libraries, I find it especially troubling that Jobs is spreading all of these lies and the public will just gobble it up. Seriously Adobe, stand up for yourself and us! Anyone who has seriously investigated this issue knows one of the major reasons Apple is banning Flash is to make more money in the App store but even more so with iAds. Meanwhile Jobs is spouting his mouth off and single-handedly spoiling the name of the Flash technology that is almost completely responsible for all of the innovation, creativity, and capability that is the internet today. But no one sees the truth, they just repeat Flash Sucks and HTML5 like a bunch of parrots when they really have no clue what they are talking about, but Jobs said it so it must be true. Come on! Who’s going to get the truth out there, besides me?

  6. Meengla Yip Avatar
    Meengla Yip

    More power to Adobe. I’d say crush this close-minded, monopolistic, thieving, deceitful company called Apple. Jobs has not right to say ‘open source’.

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