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  1. "Eric Schmidt did say that the Google device will run Adobe Flash content and games"
    That is good news!
    I see that his Wikipedia page says: "Schmidt was elected to Apple’s board of directors on August 28, 2006. On August 3, 2009 it was announced that Schmidt would resign his board member position at Apple due to conflict of interests and the growing competition between Google and Apple."

  2. From the concern information,I come to know some new launches regarding the Google products and manifestation.The choice of Android as the operating system is interesting considering Google has publicly committed to the Chrome OS as the platform of choice for netbooks. That said, Android is already well-developed and offers the kind of functionality that will allow the Google tablet to compete with the features found in the Apple iPad. We already a few others including Dell and MSI will also rely on Google’s increasingly popular mobile platform for their own devices.

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