Kevin Lynch Video Interview Posted

The Wall Street Journal’s Kara Swisher video interviewed Kevin Lynch over the weekend. And Kevin slams back at Apple hard, pointing out the “Protectionist Strategy,” and calling it “Bad for Consumers”.

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  1. Matt Avatar

    A good counterpoint is made by Jean-Louis Gassee:
    Jean-Louise Gassée:
    "Who, in his right mind, expects Steve Jobs to let Adobe (and other) cross-platform application development tools control his (I mean the iPhone OS) future? Cross-platform tools dangle the old “write once, run everywhere” promise. But, by being cross-platform, they don’t use, they erase “uncommon” features. To Apple, this is anathema as it wants apps developers to use, to promote its differentiation. It’s that simple. Losing differentiation is death by low margins. It’s that simple. It’s business. Apple is right to keep control of its platform’s future."

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