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A user just asked me whether we’d be releasing ColdFusion 9 language support for Dreamweaver, which reminded me that among all of the recent discussion relating to ColdFusion Builder, many users do indeed use Dreamweaver for ColdFusion development, and will continue to do so.
Yes, we did release ColdFusion 9 extensions for Dreamweaver. You can download the MXP from the ColdFusion Support Center Downloads page. That same page also contains links to the Report Builder, additional ColdFusion server components, SOLR installers, and more.

10 responses to “ColdFusion 9 Extensions For Dreamweaver”

  1. Eric Ryan Jones Avatar
    Eric Ryan Jones

    Just a note. i’m on CS4 DW and I’ve had a real hard time getting the extension to "work". It seems to have installed ok, and i can see functions show up etc but editing tags and even some tag’s don’t show all the cf9 attributes. disappointing…..

  2. Tom K Avatar
    Tom K

    CF9 extensions for Dreamweaver is good, but where are the HomeSite+ extensions? Adobe put detailed installation instructions on their web site 8 months ago ( and even picked a name for the zip file. But nothing’s posted yet:)

  3. Sam Tony Avatar
    Sam Tony

    Hi Forta, This Plug can installed in Dreamwaver CS5 now ?

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Sam, while I have yet to test it, it *should* indeed work with DW CS5.
    — Ben

  5. Sam tony Avatar
    Sam tony

    I look forward to your good news ??

  6. Steven Erat Avatar
    Steven Erat

    I too had hoped for a HomeSite 5.5+ Extension for ColdFusion 9. I work regularly in CFB on Mac and find it tag completion and tag insight to be not as good as HS. Of course that would mean I’d have to work on Windows again, but I’d keep a VM instance just for that purpose if it was available.

  7. Ron Foster Avatar
    Ron Foster

    Are CF9 help docs and tag extensions available for HomeSite+.

  8. James Moberg Avatar
    James Moberg

    I haven’t been able to find any CF9 Help or Tag support (official or unofficial) for anything other than CFBuilder, DreamWeaver or CFEclipse. (Homesite 5.5+ support seems to be abandoned entirely by Adobe.)
    I’ve looked at other IDEs and they all seem to provide extensive support for other scripting languages, but always noticeably absent is support for ColdFusion. I enjoy evaluating other editors, but it’s a pain when there isn’t any CF tag support. For example, I received a recent recommendation for EmEditor and it seems to support a lot of different languages. It has a "CFML Syntax file", but it was last updated in 2002.
    Open source NotePad++ has a CF9 language file that at least has syntax coloring for the new CF9 tags (whereas Adobe’s HomeSite 5.5+ hasn’t received anything.):
    I think it’d be beneficial for both Adobe and new (& existing) CF developers to have access to CF help & tag support using the IDE of their choice. More choices = more people developing in CFML.

  9. Mark Wallace Avatar
    Mark Wallace

    Another vote for Homesite= support for CF9. I see it in the live docs, I see it in blog posts that Michael Dinowitz was working on it some time ago, but so far the update for Homesite+ has not materialized.
    I just spent nearly an hour jacking with the ColdFusion Builder 2 demo trying to do something BASIC (when I drag an image from the navigator into the current page, I just want to create a link to the image, not open the binary code for the image in a new tab) and just gave up.
    The beauty of Homesite is that most basic of concepts – KISS – that Adobe seems to have forgotten. Yes, we still use it.

  10. Brian Avatar

    Have you guys using Macs tried Coda? I love Coda, it has support for ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, and nearly everything else I use. I love it.

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