O’Reilly Safari Rough Cuts are manuscripts that are developed but not yet published, available through Safari Books Online – essentially a way to get access to books before they actually hit the shelves. The Rough Cut version of my upcoming Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 1: Getting Started is now online. Volumes 2 and 3 should be posted there shortly.

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  1. Who proofreads your books? Do you have regular ColdFusion programmers read them and give you feedback before they go to print?
    I’m just wondering since I’ve seen reviews of your books complaining about spelling and programming errors which should have been caught early on.

  2. Ben,
    Do you know if the publisher intends to release this series in digital format (preferably epub – the iPad seems ideal for this)?

  3. Grant, yes, there are copy editors and technical editors. And any errors that do make it into the final text are listed in an online errata and corrected in reprints. And judging by the size of the errata, fortunately, there are not many errors.
    Lee, the publisher gets to decide that. There were e-editions of the previous versions, I’d expect the same this time.

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