Adobe Labs Ideas is a place for the community to suggest and discuss new and exciting functionality for Adobe technologies. Post your own ideas or review and vote on ideas submitted by the community. The Adobe development teams will review all submissions and use your collective input to prioritize feature requests and help shape future versions of products. Product teams currently involved are AIR, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, Flex, and WorkflowLab.

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  1. Yes, ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder are not on Adobe Labs Ideas, yet. The CF team was busy with trying to ship a product. Stay tuned, this is on their agenda.
    — Ben

  2. I hate to point this out, but Coldfusion shipped some time ago and Flex shipped this week. Which team would be busier?
    I can’t help but think this is more evidence of where CF fits within Adobe’s development priorities. I worry that I can see the CF sunset and that would be a shame.

  3. Wow, by that logic … Flash Player is not on there, and neither is Acrobat / PDF, and no Photoshop, heck no Creative Suite either … Adobe’s biggest assets not listed, so that would also be evidence of "Adobe’s development priorities", right?
    Yes, Flash Builder 4 shipped this week. And ColdFusion Builder shipped THE SAME DAY. The ColdFusion team IS the ColdFusion Builder team. And it’s a very small team, a fraction of the sizer of the Flash Builder the and Flex teams. So yes, the team has been busy.
    — Ben

  4. Can you please convey this to the CF Builder Team.
    Great job especially with CFBuilder code insight feature.
    Since coldfusion does not required a strongly typed variable such as Java or C# can you please add a hint in the comment above the variable name to give insight to the type of component that is housed within the variable.
    * @cfc com.hemtalreja.myapp.MyComponent
    var myComponent = Application.beanFactory.getBean("MyComponent");
    Thank you

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