HTML Formatter is a little utility that does one thing and does it well, it formats your code, both HTML and CFML. It’s fast, it’s a cinch to use, it can be used with ColdFusion Builder as well as Dreamweaver and other tools, and it just works. And starting at just $9, this one is well worth a look at!

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  1. Dreamweaver already has the "apply source formatting" option that works very well for formatting HTML/CFML. This is a feature I was really hoping would make it into CFBuilder. I’m very disappointed to not only see it left out of CFBuilder, but that we’re expected to pay extra for it. The only reason I have Dreamweaver installed on my machine, is for this option. Pretty sad!

  2. Well be careful about reformating the code of others. Some guys do the crazy thing of writing nested lines of code to deal with whitespace issues. Making the code look better in the browser view source can be more valuable than proper formatted code on the server side files. It does look like a cool product just the same.

  3. The html editor that comes with ColdFusion Builder (afaik the same as the Aptana editor) does a very good job of formatting html. Like Damon, I was disappointed that formatting was not included in CF Builder, especially considering that the html editor is most of the way there.

  4. Hey there folks —
    I’m the author of the HTML Formatter and I do know that other tools exist out there (Tidy, Dreamweaver’s formatting, Homesite’s formatting) but I could never get things formatted properly…esp when I inherited other people’s code. This tool should format any ugly code perfectly…There is a video on my site showing how easy it is to use and configure…and a 30 day money back guarantee. Pretty safe to check out that way.
    Site is
    And a huge thanks to Ben for making this post!

  5. I tried to submit a comment and it got flagged as spam, even though there was nothing in it that would be considered spam. Is the spam filter set too high?

  6. I’ll give HTML formatter a try. I’ve been using CFEclipse but it’s still messing up all of my cfinvoke and cfquery

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