Title says it all. We’ve just released:

  • ColdFusion Builder – This new Eclipse-based IDE for ColdFusion development is deeply integrated with ColdFusion 9 in addition to making it fast and easy for CF developers to create Flex applications with integration between ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder.
  • Flex 4 – Including the new Spark skinning and component architecture enabling a new level of expressiveness in RIAs in addition to supporting the new Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder workflow.
  • Flash Builder 4 – There are over 90 new features in this release, and you can use them with both Flex 3 and Flex 4 to gain big improvements in development time, integration and building more expressive apps.

ColdFusion Builder is priced at $299 and comes with a copy of Flash Builder 4 Standard. Or, for $699 you can buy Flash Builder 4 Premium which also includes a copy of ColdFusion Builder.
Worth noting: like ColdFusion itself, ColdFusion Builder is free for educational purposes.

7 thoughts

  1. This is great, Ben, glad to see it finally hit. The CFB blog notes that a number of performance issues were fixed since the last beta release, but I saw nothing in the latest release notes. Can you comment on that? Tough to shell out $300 for each of my developers for a platform that may not be usable in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, which the last beta wasn’t.

  2. Does CFBuilder come with the upgrade pricing as well? If we have FlexBuilder 3 Professional and upgrade to Flash Builder 4 Premium do we still get CFBuilder as well?

  3. TOO EXPENSIVE! i’ll stick to free tools like eclipse. this was a great opportunity for adobe to make CF popular but they have stuffed it up again by being greedy…

  4. I am just trying to get into CF Builder. I was hoping it would be a way for someone not familiar with Eclipse to get started. Right now I am stuck trying to use the Flash Builder that is supposed to be included. I can’t find it! It’s not part of the installation that I can see, and the help files don’t show me how.

  5. Coldfusion can query views in SQL server
    Using flashbuilder 4 data/services with CF9
    for a definite datasource, I can see the database tables
    but not the views
    Am I missing an option or was this option not anticipated ?

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