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  1. Sadly, they seem to be using the onRequestEnd.cfm to display their footer links (it appears after the closing </html> tag.

  2. 😉
    Powered by ColdFusion, brought to you by some of your developer friends from Phoenix! We met you when you came to town to show off Scorpio – small world, right?!

  3. Seems like a GOOD CF-programmer occasionally is a very bad HTML/CSS/JS programmer. This code is just butt ugly…
    But maybe the guys (Nathan et al) inherited a very old system which was only to step-wise be improved…
    Good luck with that, corporate sites very often are snails to renew to standardized, websafe code.

  4. Wish we could rewrite it, very old system originally written by about 3 generations of developers back. 😉
    It’s one of those "it’s not broken so don’t fix it" situations, sales-driven organizations have a very hard time justifying hours and/or cost to rewrite anything that isn’t so broken it’s unusable, which at this point (ugly code and all) it still "works".

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