O'Reilly's Ignite On HTML5 And Flex

Google Australia team member Pamela Fox explains HTML5 vs Flex for rich internet applications in this O’Reilly video from Ignite Sydney. She compares openness, UI components, vector graphics, 3D, bitmap manipulation, video, file system access, development environments, testing options, compatibility, and more – all in 5 minutes or so. Nice job, Pamela!

3 responses to “O'Reilly's Ignite On HTML5 And Flex”

  1. Tom Van den Eynde Avatar
    Tom Van den Eynde

    The ‘thread’ of HTML5 is not in the standard components but what the JQuery and other guys will build on top of it. It’s time to move Flex in a higher gear! Components are key and nothing seems to move (at least not forward)…

  2. Len Sparks Avatar
    Len Sparks

    I watched about half of it and gave up. If you didn’t know what she was talking about before you watched it, you wouldn’t learn anything because she was talking so fast that she just jumbled everything together.
    In addition, the camera was jumping back and fourth so much you couldn’t learn anything from watching anything either. Turned out to be an non-learning event.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Len, actually, that’s the style and format of the O’Reilly Ignite events, lots of short presentations, 5 minutes or so each, high speed and highly focused rapid-fire content on a diverse set of topics.
    — Ben

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