We’ve just posted a ColdFusion 9 performance brief entitled Improve application performance and
scalability with Adobe ColdFusion 9
, 13 pages with all sorts of details. Key findings show that overall server performance in ColdFusion 9 is up to 40% faster than in ColdFusion 8 and up to 6 times faster than ColdFusion MX 7. Good stuff!

3 thoughts

  1. CF9 with Java Version 1.6.0_14 vs. CF8 with Java version 1.6.0_04. A test like this makes no sense. Not CF9 is faster, it is the JVM!

  2. Marc, your statement seems to imply that Adobe did no optimization work at all and just updated the JVM. That’s simply not true. While the newer JVM certainly does have an impact, there was a lot of engineering work done as well.

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