First Major Google Nexus One Issue

Over the past few days I have really gotten to put the Google Nexus One through its paces. Search, multiple mail accounts, lots of text messaging, maps, navigation, voice commands … I’ve been giving it a real workout.
And all went well until … I have run into my first major problem with the device. I’d been using a Bluetooth headset with it all last week with no problems at all. But in anticipation of 10 hours or so of driving this weekend, I paired the phone with my car, only to find that it would not work at all. Well, it paired, but that’s about all it did. It won’t connect properly, when it does connect you get piercing shrieking sounds instead of audio, it won’t dial … it’s basically useless (for anything but showing battery and cell strength).
Judging by the threads online, this is a common problem with lots of different cars (most of which actually use the same Bluetooth controls). It does not appear to be an Android issue, as users of others devices are reporting that all works well. This most likely is a problem with the HTC hardware. And this could be a deal breaker for me. 🙁

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  1. Simeon Bateman Avatar
    Simeon Bateman

    I had my first real exposure to Android this weekend while helping my mother and law set up her droid over lunch. In general I was pleased, however I could not believe how poor the browser is. We were trying to get her signed up on facebook, and I had to get out my iphone several times because Android reported errors and would not render most of the page. Try changing your name in facebook using the browser on the droid. 🙁
    Still, these kinds of issues are why I became a Flash developer. Browsers suck 🙂

  2. Gary Funk Avatar
    Gary Funk

    @Ben. Is the car by chance, a Nissan?

  3. Matt Woodward Avatar
    Matt Woodward

    The Droid works great with the Bluetooth in my Prius, so it definitely sounds like it’s a hardware issue as opposed to an Android issue.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Gary, it’s an Infiniti, so yes, Nissan.
    Matt, I tested a G1 and it worked fine. The Google N1 has been reported not to work with Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Kia, an a bunch more, now. So, yep, it looks like it’s an HTC hardware issue.

  5. Gary Funk Avatar
    Gary Funk

    Ben, I see it more of a Nissan issue. I have paired HTC with many devices and the only problems I have are with Nissan hardware. I have paired the with other Cars and it works great. So go figure. Either way, HTC and Nissan need to get together and solve this problem. Maybe you can help find the soution to this problem. This has been a known issue for more than two years.
    I am in themarket for a new phone and as much as I like HTC, I need a phone that will work with my Pathfinder.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Gary, that could be, but …
    The Infiniti works perfectly with iPhone, Windows powered BlackJack, Samsung own OS phones, Android G1, Blackberry, and many more. Actually,every phone I have tried with it works.
    On the other hand, Google N1 is reporting to fail with lots and lots of different cars.

  7. Campbell Avatar

    Hahaha my car doesn’t have electric windows or air con let alone bluetooth equipment. Think Im safe.

  8. craig Avatar

    Your car has windows? Lucky bastard!

  9. Gary Funk Avatar
    Gary Funk

    Ben, Thanks for the information. I went to googles Nexus site and boy, there are a lot of unhappy people. Maybe now HTC and will try to resolve this problem.

  10. Craig Avatar

    Yeah, that bug seems to be definitely hardware related. But I think i experienced my first software bug. It seems there is an Android Calendar Sync Bug…

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