Google Confirms Flash On Phones

You’ve got to love this quote (and not so subtle dig) from Google’s keynote today at Mobile World Congress:
“The line is blurring between mobile phones and desktop computing … one of our main goals when we embarked on smartphones at Google was to really mirror the desktop web browsing experience – but for many of you and you know who you are – there’s been a critical component missing – Flash!”

4 responses to “Google Confirms Flash On Phones”

  1. Andy Sandefer Avatar
    Andy Sandefer

    Thank you Google. Not only are you more agile – you’re also smarter!

  2. Teddy Matayoshi Avatar
    Teddy Matayoshi

    Well it seems like Android will never be able to overtake the iPhone because
    of their buggy multi touch hardware/SDK. If Google had a top notch OS and
    SDK like the iPhone OS then you wouldn’t need to leverage Flash for mobile.
    Why have a third party company/development environment for your phone when
    everything you can imagine can be done natively….via the iPhone OS / SDK.
    No need to learn Java nor ActionScript. Objective-C is way faster than both of
    the aforementioned languages anyway.

  3. johans Avatar

    @Teddy – supporting Flash does not mean you exclude doing things natively. Supporting it opens up a huge amount of content and designers/developers can use established tools to produce content and apps like they have in the past.

  4. m@ Avatar

    google should use the marketing "it’s not *like* the internet on your phone, it is the internet"

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