I visited China several times last year, and am planning multiple trips this year, too. China is home to the second largest population of Flash and Flex developers, and it’s high time those developers had the opportunity to take part in a full-blown Flash Platform conference of their own. So I am excited that we’re hosting a 2-day Adobe Flash Platform Summit, a mini-MAX of sorts, in Beijing on April 21st – 22nd, 2010. The exact agenda and speaker list is still being worked out, but I do plan on attending, and am really looking forward to the event!

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  1. Thats real cool stuff. I welcome u to visit china more this year. I am chinese and working in the uk for the flash
    platform and coldfusion. Considering my experience in such field, I think chinese guys are all clever but not too many
    chance to get involve the adobe much because of the English. If we have more document in Chinese later from adobe.
    That must be much much better. Hope to see u soon if i am in China at that time.

  2. Does anyone have any reliable stats for Flash player penetration in mainland China? I’m hearing most users are still on FP7. Thanks.

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