And That's Why Flash Support Is A Must

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  1. michael Long Avatar
    michael Long

    Uh huh.
    From the link: "Lee Brimelow is a Platform Evangelist at Adobe focusing on the Flash, Flex, and AIR developer communities."
    Gee. I wonder what his unbiased opinion might be?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I never said he was unbiased. I just said that I liked his post.

  3. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    @ML: How does his job change the facts? I’m an Apple fan boy – and yet even I can’t agree with their claim that they provide access to the "complete" Internet.

  4. Tony Garcia Avatar
    Tony Garcia

    and where does lee claim that he is unbiased?
    And believe it or not, unless you are a robot, EVERYONE has a bias.

  5. Dan G. Switzer, II Avatar
    Dan G. Switzer, II

    @Tony G:
    Even robots are biased–after all, they’re programmed by humans. 🙂

  6. iSad Avatar

    Apple products are great but NO Flash; that’s sad!
    Perhaps it should be called the iSad?

  7. David Avatar

    Where does Lee even provide an opinion? This is simple show and tell.
    The problem is one of usability, am I going to pay 500-1000 for a "computer" that I can’t use fully? You can argue whether Flash is the best mechanism to deliver content all you want, but the reality is, it’s used, all across the web. Apple wants to go on a war of attrition, basically saying "People use our products, and can’t access your sites, so stop using Flash". That’s not working though.

  8. Matt Avatar

    Flash served a need for a really long time. It was the de facto, and some might say only, way to bring a rich multi-media experience to the web. Things are changing and it’s now possible to create the exact same rich internet experience with HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript, with the added benefit of improved accessibility and SEO.
    This is great, because Flash finally has some real competition, which is good for everyone. Hopefully it’ll push the state of the art forward in the years to come.
    I have high hopes for Flash, but with the openness that the competition brings and the price point, toolset, and price point that it offers, I’m not seeing a bright future. Whether it be 2, 5 or 10 years from now I foresee the sad day when Flash will take it’s final breath. We’ll miss you friend.

  9. Ron Stewart Avatar
    Ron Stewart

    Zeldman of Web standards has a post on this as well; while his post is interesting reading (whether you agree with his take or not), the comments on this post make for some interesting reading, too…

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