BrowserLab Updated On Labs

BrowserLab is a powerful solution for cross-browser compatibility testing, featuring multiple viewing and comparison tools, as well as customizable preferences. BrowserLab provides web designers exact renderings of their web pages in multiple browsers and operating systems, on demand. Since BrowserLab is an online service, it can be accessed from virtually any computer connected to the web. BrowserLab has just been updated, and now users have access to additional functionality such as testing local and active content.

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  1. Aaron West Avatar
    Aaron West

    I used BrowserLab last night to ensure my new IE6NoMore code was working on my blog. Since I’m a Mac guy with limited access to Windows BrowserLab was handy in spoofing IE6. In fact, it was the only service that worked right. I tried the user-agent switcher plugin on Firefox and Safari’s user-agent spoofer that’s part of Developer Tools and neither worked. Apparently the code I was using from only runs when a /real/ IE6 browser executes it. BrowserLab did a great job helping me test my code was working properly.

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