Online Seminar: Rapidly Developing And Deploying Open Government Dashboards

Per the recent release of the Open Government Directive, federal agencies are required to develop and deploy agency specific websites to inform the public on all activities and processes related to Open Government initiatives. Public facing dashboards that visually illustrate the status of the agency’s effort will be an important feature on these websites. As the requirements of Open Government continue to mature, the ability to rapidly develop and deploy becomes essential to ensure timely responses rather than long development cycles. I’ll be presenting a 1 hour online seminar on January 28, 2010, discussing and illustrating the benefits of Adobe ColdFusion as the platform of choice for Open Government dashboards. Details and registration information are online.

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  1. Tracy Logan Avatar
    Tracy Logan

    Ben, I’d like to get our sales folks a copy of this presentation, but have been unable to find the recording that I presume was made. Do you know if it actually was recorded, or if not, can you provide a link to any of the presentation materials you used in your portion?
    Thanks tons — that overview seemed just what we need to "sell" them on the idea of ColdFusion as "enterprise glue"!

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

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