AdobeStock_455007340 Ranks Best ColdFusion Development Firms has posted its Rankings of Best ColdFusion Development Firms. Odd thing is how few of the listed companies are ones I’ve heard of. Does anyone know anything about how these ratings and reviews work?

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  1. Greg McNary Avatar
    Greg McNary

    Since I’m number 10 on the list, I can give you some input. I was never contacted by anyone at, and none of the info they have on is correct. I don’t have any employees, just me. I do mostly agency work, small business, and some non-profits. It is also a part-time thing because I have a full time day gig in marketing and SEO, and limited CF work. I think these guys just googles CF development houses and took the first 10 that showed up. I’m not complaining, though. It might lead to some more work.

  2. Alirio Boquin A. Avatar
    Alirio Boquin A.

    Merry Christmas Ben!
    I never saw before, but is interesting facts.

  3. Steve Drucker Avatar
    Steve Drucker

    Looks like you need to pay them between $500 and $2500 per year to be listed and considered for rankings.
    S C A M.

  4. Dmitriy Avatar

    Very interesting. The company in the first place is 2 blocks away from where I live. Such a small world.

  5. Lance Cleveland Avatar
    Lance Cleveland

    The information posted is completely false. We are ranked at #2, #2, and #5 on 3 different lists they produced.
    All of the information about Cyber Sprocket Labs is wrong other than our name and location.
    They never talked to us nor have they ever contracted us to do a project. Yes, we do software development for hire. We are very good at PHP, Perl, and ASP.Net among others. BUT they have never reviewed our code and thus their ranking system is completely fictional.
    I’d like to think we are #2 or even #5 in these categories, maybe even #1, but the point is the rankings are not based on anything other than someone deciding "let’s make them #X on our list". They are seeding their own advertising gimmick until they get paid subscriptions.

  6. Jantice Avatar

    I was contacted by them and they actually talked to my customers too before they ranked us.

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