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  1. I like the old movies where you have to wonder how they did the special effects. Now, all the magic is gone and the movies are lousy.

  2. Click on the video to go to the Adobe TV page. You’ll see a link there for embed code which you can paste into your site (as I did here).
    — Ben

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  4. @Andrew: If you haven’t yet, you should still see Avatar. It is not your "typical" sci-fi movie. The story is better than your average shallow sci-fi flick and the special effects are unbelievable. Actually, knowing how the did the cgi for the a

  5. i am a big fan of james cameron work, he has a great eye for detail, but one question keeps coming up reguarding his story lines, the storyline for avatar is clearly the story of Pocahontas, told in a new way. the use of CGI.

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