ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 On Labs

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  1. Kasun Wickramasinghe Avatar
    Kasun Wickramasinghe

    installer has some errors. please look at it.

  2. Dan Fredericks Avatar
    Dan Fredericks

    I was wondering, when all the beta version are finished, and CF Builder is moved to a production environment, how will it be priced?
    I am not sure if I should present this to my coworkers to start using if in a few months it will stop working without it being purchased.
    Right now I am using Eclipse with the CFEclipse plugin. I will download beta 3 and install it if I know I can continue to use it after the
    betas are finished, or if I can still have CFEclipse running with the CFBuilder in Eclipse.
    Can you provide us any feedback on the future price (if any) for CFBuilder, time table, and for me personally, what should I do?
    thanks Ben

  3. Rob Reno Avatar
    Rob Reno

    I am 100% sure I will never buy this product no matter what the price. Good intentions built on a junk editor. Eclipse is junk.

  4. Laurent Avatar

    Has anyone experienced problems with special characters in this beta? I didn’t notice till just now, that for example all my ë and • characters in source files are now just little squares when i open them in cfbuilder. This is really annoying since it also saves them wrong. I tried looking if it was encoding related but can’t seem to figure it out. Dreamweaver handled this good, so why doesn’t cfbuilder?

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