Google I/O Powered By ColdFusion

This one just sent to me by a very excited Ali Daniali. Registration is now open for Google I/O 2010, and the registration site is powered by ColdFusion and Fusebox. Google, we’re glad you’ve discovered online productivity! 😉

8 responses to “Google I/O Powered By ColdFusion”

  1. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Derek, I don’t doubt that at all, I am sure it’s a 3rd party management company. Still, it’s cool. 😉

  2. Derek Avatar

    I have a feeling google doesn’t run that site…

  3. Precia Avatar

    Holy wow cow!!!! That’s awesome!

  4. Marcos Placona Avatar
    Marcos Placona

    I just sent them an email about a possible security threat. I’m not gonna mention what it is here though, so other people don’t try it.
    I’m ever so glad when I see a company using, and seeing Google is just marvellous

  5. Dutch Rapley Avatar
    Dutch Rapley

    Looks like it’s hosted on Amazon EC2.

  6. Kevin Benore Avatar
    Kevin Benore

    Yeah, Google not likely to purchase domains through GoDaddy and put a proxy on them … but still it’s nice to have GOOGLE and CFM in the same URL.

  7. Henry Ho Avatar
    Henry Ho

    Oh! Facebook uses ColdFusion! 😉
    It’s nice to have FACEBOOK and CFM in the same URL as well! 😀

  8. John Scott Avatar
    John Scott

    Unfortunately (and embarrassingly) for Google the same ColdFusion based registration site totally failed under load for the 2011 Registration that sold out within an hour. Those of us that deal with ColdFusion know that it can scale to handle load peaks like this but I worry that next year we will see a different solution – probably running on Google App Engine – taking registrations.

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